Why Should you Choose the Best Tile for your Home Remodel from Healthy Home Flooring?

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Remodeling your home’s flooring in mind? Doing interior renovations? We understand that choosing floor tiles might be challenging because there are so many options available. Here are five suggestions by the top flooring company in Arizona to help you limit your options.

Choose the Right Tile

Ceramic tiles are hardy and inexpensive but are prone to chipping and cracking. For places with mild to medium usage, it is strongly advised to choose ceramic tiles from groups 4 or 5, which are suitable.

Porcelain tiles are more solid and durable than ceramic tiles, and they also resist scratches and stains. Choose porcelain tiles that have been corrected or are joint-free for a flawless finish. For a clean appearance, use epoxy grouting.

Vitrified tiles are resilient to moisture and stains and sturdy and long-lasting. They come in a variety of forms, like double charged vitrified tiles.

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Picking Pattern and Texture of Tiles

When selecting the size, ensure that there will be as little waste as possible during installation. For the living room, dining room, and bedroom, choose large-sized tiles. For the kitchen and bathroom, smaller ones are suitable. Remember that larger tiles give the impression of space and produce fewer joint lines.

 Glossy finish tiles offer a lovely mirror-like surface that reflects light, brightens the room, and gives the house a feeling of space. Because they have a propensity to become slippery when wet, glossy ones shouldn’t be used in wet environments like the kitchen or bathroom. 

Matte ones are slip-resistant, non-reflective, and they don’t show blemishes or dirt easily. Additionally, slip-resistant tiles lessen the chance of slipping in moist places like the kitchen and the bathroom. A semi-matte or lappato finish are other options. These tiles are non-slip and have a brighter sheen than matte tiles.

Low and High Maintenance Tiles

When examining various floor tile types, one of the most crucial features to pay attention to is Hardness.

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It determines how much wear and tear the material can take from pedestrian activity. The Porcelain Enameled Institute provides the evaluations, which are based on extensive laboratory analysis. This scale can be used to help you decide on an item that is generally practical for your room.

When there is water on the floor, the majority of tile materials on the market tend to be slick, which can lead to accidents, which we obviously want to prevent at all costs. Wet locations like bathrooms, shower facilities, and swimming pool deck areas are where these kinds of occurrences occur most frequently. These places call for a cautious approach while selecting the appropriate tile. Use good slip-resistant tiles whenever possible.


Building lovely rooms that are a reflection of your individuality and offer you ownership satisfaction is very important to everyone. The walls and floors of the home play important roles in your design, so whether the area is inside or outdoor, we all need to pay attention to them. There are plenty of materials, colors, textures, and patterns to consider when it comes to tile flooring. Nevertheless, only one of the options is effective in some situations. Contact our best flooring company in Avondale to know more.