The Best Flooring Options for Homes with Cats

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Nowadays, pets are in every home. Caring for a dog, cat, or other pets can help to ease loneliness, relieve tension, anxiety, and depression, and provides unconditional love. Of course, sharing your space with a cat (or cats!) also brings up considerations regarding your design choices, especially if you’re looking into purchasing new floors or remodeling your home. Thankfully, there are many great options for pet owners to explore.

Searching through the market will discover many cats and dog-friendly flooring options. Among the lot, some of the multiple noteworthy ones are vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, tile flooring, carpet flooring, solid wood flooring, and engineered wood flooring. Make your choice wisely.

How to Maintain Pet-Friendly Floors Clean

At some moment, spillages and staining will inevitably occur. To support that, we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help keep pet-friendly flooring neat and free from dirt, muck, and grime.

Sharp claws often damage surfaces, so clip your animals’ nails regularly.

Ensure you wipe up any accidents or spillages immediately after they’ve happened to lessen their effect on the floor.

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Put carpets underneath food and water bowls to avoid surface scratching and excessive liquid spillages.

Flooring, unfortunately, loses its shine reasonably fast. Be sure to refinish or condition your floors once a year if possible, as that will allow you to protect and preserve them.

Sometimes pets can become a little too naughty inside! Try to designate a particular room/home area as your pet’s “play area,” only to make specific scuffs and scratches happen in one place.

4 Best Types of Flooring Options for your Pet-Friendly

Tile Flooring

Tile is another excellent choice for people with pets: durable and effortless to clean. Although, if you have animals with serious bladder-control issues, maintaining the grout clean might be a challenge. But for most pet owners, tile is a bright, liquid-proof surface with many different design options. Consider faux-wood tiles if you’re dreaming of wood floors but don’t want to risk it.

Vinyl Flooring

If you are a certain age, vinyl floors are the stuff of nightmares. But vinyl has come a long way. You can purchase vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood, for example. It’s scratch- and stain-resistant, low in allergens, and effortless to clean and maintain. A bonus: It’s quiet to walk on.

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring in Arizona is famous because it looks like traditional hardwood floors. It may be more stain-resistant than hardwood. It also tends to be scratch-resistant, so it is an excellent option to avoid damage from kitty claws.

Carpet Flooring

You could opt for a cut pile carpet to ensure maximum comfort for your pet. Cleaning requires a little more effort than hard flooring, but carpet offers a comfortable, soft landing for your pets and comes in various colors and styles to fit your tastes. Plus, you will be pleased to know that carpet tiles are surprisingly easy to replace, so if the odd spillage or stubborn stain does occur, there is an easy solution and no need to fret.

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