What is the Ideal Flooring for your Home Stairs from Healthy Home Flooring?

Hardwood Flooring in AZ

In many homes, stairs face the main entry, so selecting a functional and beautiful flooring option is essential. Take time to think about the best flooring on stairs and the number of terms you and your family tromp up and down your stairs daily. From active kids to stomping teens to playful pets, they’re one of the busiest parts of your house.

What flooring is perfect for your stairs? Aside from looks, comfort, durability, and noise level, it would help if you also considered safety. Since stairways are notorious for slip-and-fall accidents, picking an anti-slip material is vital.

Here is Top Flooring in Arizona is like Healthy Home Flooring suggests many high-quality flooring materials that can use for stairs. However, only some are suitable for some households. Your selection will depend upon your requirements, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Here’s a quick look at some choices to help you make an informed choice.


Everyone loves hardwood’s traditional look and natural grace. It’s incredibly long-lasting, easy to clean, and doesn’t trap dirt or allergens, unlike carpets. The eternal beauty of hardwoods is traditional. The wide choice of hardwoods available at different price points can accommodate your budget. There are several other tree species from which to choose.

The rooms upstairs and downstairs should have hardwood floors so that you can select hardwood for the stairs. The eternal beauty of hardwoods is traditional. Hardwoods are an excellent material for staircases and are easy to keep and clean, contrasting to the carpet. But compared to other solutions, hardwood staircases might be tricky and noisy. To keep them clear of dust and debris, wooden stairs need only sweeping or vacuuming. Use a hardwood floor cleaner every so often to keep them glossy.


Laminate is a good option for those who like stairway flooring that looks like wood. It’s more versatile, is more comfortable to maintain than wood, and won’t show wear the same way as carpets or hardwood. Thanks to Healthy Home Flooring, you can select almost any look, including wood, ceramic, stone, and glazed tiles. Yet, installing laminate on a staircase has its challenges. Only a professional flooring installer will know how to do this correctly.

Laminate Flooring in AZ

Luxury Vinyl Planking

A very versatile and reasonable material for staircases is the luxury vinyl plank. Although it may reproduce practically any image you can think of on vinyl flooring, oak and hickory wood are the most widely used choices.

Since vinyl plank contains high-quality materials, it is nearly impossible to discern the difference between it and natural hardwood. Vinyl plank is easy to maintain due to its waterproof and stain-resistant composition.

As a solid and long-lasting flooring choice, vinyl plank is excellent for staircases that need daily use. You can have stairs that resemble hardwood, ceramic, or stone at a reduced cost by using a vinyl plank, which comes in various looks.

Vinyl Flooring in AZ

Bottom Line

You can select any style of flooring for your home stairwell. Hence, go with a look that completes your personal preferences. If you fix a tile or hardwood floor, you must take precautions to avoid slips and falls.

It would help if you also considered the price of installation, cleaning, durability, and purchase of materials. A vital component of every home is the staircase. You can completely transform your home’s exterior by updating your staircase. There are multiple finishes available.

Here Healthy Home Flooring in Arizona offers many high-quality flooring materials that can use for stairs. And also quality with durability. Your selection will depend upon your requirements, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.