What can Destroy Hardwood Floor and How to Protect them

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Hardwood floorings set North American homes apart from the rest of the world. Although they are high on their aesthetic value, they also require extra care. Most of our daily activities, however, can lead to their deterioration. Here are some things that can destroy your floors and how you can protect them. 

1. Not Sweeping Enough

Accumulation of dust, dirt, and debris can wear your floor quickly. Sharp edges from these abrasive particles damage the surface making them seem dull and scratched. To avoid this, try cleaning your floors regularly. It is recommended that you sweep or dry mop at least once a day. 

2. Using too much Water or Liquid Detergents

Cleaning your hardwood floors using too much liquid can cause the wood to swell up and decay quickly. Due to sopping wet mops, water percolates through the gaps in the wood, especially if it’s untreated, making it buckle over time. Hence, top flooring companies in Tempe recommend the use of dry mops or vacuum cleaners while dealing with hardwood floors. 

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3. Not Cleaning Spilled Drinks or Liquids Quickly

If you do not get rid of spilled liquids, you risk long-standing damage to your priceless flooring. When these liquids stay for too long, they can leak through the seams between floorboards soiling the wood quickly. You can tackle this by buying from the best floor stores in Tempe. These stores offer site-finished floors with sealant filled in the seam to reduce weathering. 

4. Not laying down Mats and Runners

Placing heavy furniture on wooden floors can result in scuffs and scratches. You can deal with it by using protective pads or mats to reduce wear and tear. You can also lay down runners or anti-slip mats in areas with greater foot traffic. It will reduce the impact of regular movement over the floorboards and keep them looking new for longer. 

5. Letting the Sun Hit the Floors

Wood floors undergo severe damage due to UV radiation from the Sun. They start changing color as a result of photochemical oxidation. To avoid this, you can consult the wholesale flooring companies in Avondale. They will ask you to install blinds or curtains and invest in UV filters to block harmful rays to ensure the longevity of the wood.

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6. Avoiding Post-Installation Follow-Ups

One of the most effective ways to maintain your wood floors is by refinishing them frequently. Maintaining wood floors can help to prevent the need for refinishing. For this, you can enlist in the services offered by Arizona flooring stores in Tempe to repair any damaged wood and polish. Doing this can avoid wide-scale damage and even prevent replacements thereby saving you a ton of money!

Keep your Floors Safe

Improved cleaning habits and strategies can help you retain the rustic finish of your hardwood floors. Investing in high-quality materials from Arizona flooring stores in Avondale also can prevent them from getting warped. If you find yourself unsure about how to care for your floorboards, feel free to reach out to the professionals and get help!

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