Trends in Hardwood Flooring Color & Style: Lighter & Wider

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Hardwood flooring is the best choice since it is naturally beautiful, cozy, and economical. Genuine hardwood is in high demand on the housing market at all times, mostly because it lasts for decades and can also be refurbished. Red oak and pine were the current housing market’s mainstay for a long time, but beautiful new shades and styles are now being introduced by 2022’s wood floor trends, where real hardwood is at the top of homeowners’ wish lists for all the good reasons.

2022 Hardwood Floor Stain and Color Trends

The most ageless flooring option is wood, yet it’s constantly improving. The popularity of wood and wood-like floors made of various materials is rising this year as homeowners look for earthy shades to reflect nature-inspired themes in their homes. There are many wood flooring tones, from darker woods that can be stained or painted to lighter woods with natural colors. Given the durability of wood, you should make sure your color choice will match the design of your home.

Here are the top wood floor colors for 2022, as recommended by professionals from the best flooring company in Tempe, Arizona:

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Gray-Colored Flooring

In terms of overall home design, gray has been popular, and according to most experts, the color of the year for wood flooring is gray. Given that it is a cool neutral shade that complements a variety of home types, the shade has remained fashionable for several years.

Honey-Colored flooring

Due to its pleasant lightness in the shade, honey is one of the most popular flooring colors in style this year. Of course, you can add cold colors to the walls or paint the space with light shades to open up the space, but honey-colored wood floors look wonderful with just about any style.

Dark Woods Flooring

Dark woods are preferred by most experts from the best flooring company in mesa for bedrooms and other spaces. These floorings also look great in kitchens with contrasting colors, such as bright white cabinetry and appliances, to add depth to your space. In addition, they let people enjoy a cozier, more serene, and natural space in their bedrooms.

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Greige Colored Flooring

For those who want a natural overall room appearance, greige, a blend of gray and beige, is a shade to go for. Greige, like blonde wood, works well in practically any space and, as a neutral color, is simple to match with a variety of wall and furniture colors.

Whitewashed Flooring

Another trendy style is wood that has been whitewashed. Whitewashed floors look excellent with light fixtures, beach-themed decor, and the popular rustic farmhouse style. In addition, this trend may be more reasonably priced than having new flooring installed because old wood floors can be turned into whitewashed flooring.

Wood floors come in various tones, from darker woods that can be stained or painted in other colors to lighter woods variants with natural shades. Because wood lasts so long, you’ll want to be sure that the color you choose will match your home decor style. If you’re looking for suggestions for the best flooring for the Arizona climate, follow Flooring Trends USA. They provide the best flooring blogs in Arizona, making you a suitable choice when choosing wood floors.