Hardwood Floors: Beautifying your Home

Best Hardwood Flooring in Arizona

Homes of all styles frequently feature wooden floors which are in hardwood or laminate. This versatile flooring choice is preferred for its usefulness and pleasing appearance, adding lovely texture and a feeling of cosiness. However, many homeowners question how to decorate with wood flooring because the natural material makes a statement in almost any setting. You may increase the charm of your wood flooring by adhering to a few simple design principles. 

Which Wood is Right for you?

Hardwood floors are the best flooring for the Arizona climate. All hardwood floor kinds from the Arizona flooring company have unsurpassed natural beauty and complement any décor. So which wood is right for you?

Finished or Unfinished Hardwood Floors?

If you want to match the color of existing flooring or if you want a custom stain added before the final finish, unfinished hardwood flooring is an attractive choice. The hardwood flooring is finished with many coats of protective finish after installation and staining. 

Because prefinished hardwood flooring is already sanded and sealed when it leaves the factory, installation is quick. The floor is entirely odor-free and VOC-free due to on-site finishing, and it is now ready for use.

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Solid or Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Solid hardwood flooring is typically between 5/8″ and 3/4″. It can be sanded and polished as per your choice because it is solid wood. However, it is not advised for below-grade basements since it is sensitive to variations in humidity.

To create engineered hardwood flooring, real wood veneers are attached to multiple layers of subordinate wood, such as plywood. Because of its outstanding long-term stability, as a result, engineered wood is a fantastic option for any region of your home, including basements. Unfortunately, engineered hardwood flooring can only be sanded and refinished once or twice throughout its lifetime, depending on the thickness of the hardwood veneer.

4 Top Picks for Hardwood Flooring styles

Here is the best hardwood flooring in AZ commonly used to make hardwood flooring.


The most popular wood used for hardwood flooring worldwide is oak tree wood. This is because of its exceptional resistance to external irritants like nicks, dents, scratches, and other types of damage. This feature maintains its durability while allowing for minimal care, similar to how tiled floors require little upkeep.

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Cherry Wood

Cherry is frequently used for flooring. Due to its sanded finishing and naturally dark colors, it gives off a clean appearance. Some people prefer their rooms to be as bright as possible because it darkens with age. As mentioned, it is one of the rare varieties of hardwood flooring that is sanded after installation.


Mahogany is preferred by those who like to have a regal look for their home. It meets all the requirements for house flooring: it is strong, water-resistant, and long-lasting, even longer than oak. Unfortunately, mahogany, which is more frequently used to make flooring in Arizona, is quite pricey and can lead your interior design budget to soar. 


Consider pine flooring is one of the softest wood floorings now available. The thin-set is typically covered with longboards of pine that resemble sunmica plywood. Aside from minor yearly maintenance tasks in the corners, it doesn’t need much upkeep.


Suppose you’re looking into the best flooring designs in Arizona or the best flooring company in Avondale. In that case, this article provides all the information you need to start that conversation with your contractor. However, if you’re still confused and want to know about the top flooring company in Arizona, follow Flooring Trends USA for detailed information.