What are the Flooring Trends for 2022?

What are the flooring trends for 2022?

When it comes to flooring, there are many options available, but as it turns out, nothing can match up to the durability and the appeal of hardwood floors. Hardwood floors can enhance the overall look of any space, residential or commercial.

If you are looking for flooring in Arizona, then hiring an Arizona flooring company can help you know the latest flooring trends. Let us look at some of the hardwood flooring trends for 2022.

Rich Colors

The latest flooring trends in hardwood floors have taken a 360-degree turn, and the rich colors have taken the place of subtle and soft tones. Using hardwood with bold grains and rich colors for flooring in Arizona in spaces that get direct sunlight highlights the colors and amplifies the area’s appeal even more.

Rustic Appeal

While the modern approach to flooring is still in trend, more and more people have been shifting to the charm of rustic floors. Most of the time, an old piece of wood that was initially used for some other purpose is used for making such kinds of floors. 

On the other hand, an Arizona flooring company can also achieve the rustic appearance in wood by brushing it to make the texture more visible.

Smoky Tones

Grays have made a comeback in 2022, and smoky tones are trends in wooden flooring. The gray color on the wood results from ammonia treatment which also helps intensify the natural grains in the wood. The floors offer an edgy look to a space.

Lighter Shades

While hardwoods have darker shades, there is a process of bleaching them that helps achieve lighter shades of hardwood floors. Light flooring helps with the illusion of making a small space seem more significant and also has a calming effect.

Wide Hardwood Planks

Every few years, we see a new size of plank coming into fashion. On the other hand, one size that made a comeback this year would be wide planks. Wide plank floors use fewer pieces in space and thus offer more variation in a single plank. 

Wide hardwood floors offer a subtle look to a space while still making a great impression.

Laminate Flooring

Unusual Flooring

What is unusual about this flooring trend is laying the planks. You can lay down the planks in a geometrical pattern to focus onlookers on a specific area. 

What is the Easiest Floor to Maintain?

It’s true that while shopping for flooring, the most crucial factor is the look of the flooring, but on the other hand, the practicality of the flooring is also something that you need to consider. It would help if you considered options that are easier to maintain while looking for flooring in Arizona. Here are some of the top choices:

Wooden Flooring

One of the most timeless options in flooring trends is wooden flooring. Maintenance of wooden flooring is accessible daily; all you need to do is mop and vacuum to clean any spills, dust, or debris. 

But on the other hand, long-term maintenance of the wooden flooring is complex. Wooden flooring can develop scratches and accumulate dirt and grime over time, and if that happens, it would need some work to clean the flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a substitute for costly wooden flooring that you can get from any Arizona flooring company. These come cheap and are much easier to maintain with a protective layer on top to resist scratches. For regular maintenance, all you need to do is vacuum and mop.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl may seem outdated to some people, but as it turns out, you can find many different styles to suit your taste. And the good news is it is probably the most accessible flooring to maintain with just mopping and vacuuming when necessary.


Looking for the best flooring in Arizona involves a lot. If you cannot decide for yourself, you can hire an Arizona flooring company to help you understand the latest flooring trends and make a choice based on that.

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