Water Damage to Tile Flooring – How it can be Prevented

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Tile floors are reasonably resilient to water damage if properly cared for and sealed, which makes them an excellent choice for potentially damp areas such as bathrooms, utility rooms, basements, and kitchens. While tile is normally a good choice for these types of places, water damage is still a possibility. Furthermore, the effects of standing water may not be visible for weeks after the occurrence.

Signs of Water-Damage Under Tile

It may be difficult to identify any water damage beneath the tile. The specialists at Arizona flooring stores in Tempe have provided three key indications that your home’s tile has been damaged by water.

Loose Tiles

When tiles in your house start to loosen and stop clinging to the floor as they should, it’s usually an indication that there’s been water damage. Make a point of repairing any existing water leaks and then taking care of any impacted flooring or tiling. The best flooring company in Tempe, Arizona, can help you with flooring repairs.

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Floor Dipping

You may also notice warping or dipping in your floors. Water damage to your subfloor can cause it to shift form, giving your floor an uneven appearance. Damage to your subfloor can occasionally be seen from below, in a crawlspace or basement.

Hollow Sound

If there’s a leak, water-damaged tiles may generate a hollow sound. If you think there’s a leak, tap the tiles with a coin or another object.


Any stains or discoloration on your tiles might indicate a leak. If you can rule out other probable causes of the stains, such as normal wear and tear, you may have water-damaged tiles.

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Mold Growth

Mold grows fast in moist environments, thus any mold breakouts might be traced to water beneath the tiles if your flooring is maintained clean and dried on a regular basis.

How to Prevent Water Damage to Tiles

Here are few tips as suggested by the best Flooring company in Avondale. Proper tile care is typically enough to keep your tiles from getting wet. Any spills or leaks on your tile flooring should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Water will seep down into the tiles over time, causing major damage, even though tile flooring is good at stopping water from soaking through. If you are cautious about cleaning up spills before they have a chance to stay for too long, this should not be an issue for you.

An important tip as told by best flooring company in mesa is to protect your tile flooring, even more, caulk the grout lines between your tiles every few years. This guarantees that the tiles are water-resistant and that water cannot simply seep into the porous tile grout.

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