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Phoenix is known for its arid desert weather, with hot summers and mild winters. This means that home interiors need to be heat-resistant and heat-proof. When doing up one’s house, it’s especially important to keep the climate of the area in mind. The best flooring company in Avondale, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, and other Arizonian cities will help you find the right kind of flooring in line with your tastes as well as needs.

Homes that are not well-suited to the weather in the area often suffer more damage and require a lot more repair work, meaning more money to be spent. Instead, why not read up on this flooring trends blog in Arizona and get a feel of what’s important and what’s not while renovating your home? Below are a few tips for Arizona flooring ideas blogged for you.

4 Best Flooring Tips and Ideas in Phoenix, AZ

Consider the Durability of your Floors

Keep in mind things like how much footfall your rooms get. For example, because you generally host guests in the living room or dining room, there’ll be more footfall as compared to your bedroom. Thus, your living room floors would probably require changing more often in comparison.

Another thing to keep in mind is if you have pets, infants that crawl on the floors, etc. You may have carpet flooring, tiled flooring, linoleum, vinyl or laminated flooring, and so on, depending on what makes the best sense for your home.

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Avoid Tiling Outdoors or Near Windows

Note that all kinds of flooring get hot with overexposure to direct sunlight, but some are more susceptible to increased damage, such as fading over time. In addition, a lot of materials absorb heat (we will talk about this slightly later in this Arizona flooring ideas blog). Good options for tiles where there will be probable direct sunlight would be stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. They are non-absorbent, look good, and are weather-resistant for the most part.

Check out Alternatives to Easily Damaged Flooring

Wood and bamboo flooring are cooler options, but they’re easily damageable in the heat and direct sunlight. Laminated and vinyl flooring are great options because they’re affordable as well as durable, and perfect for dry weather like in Arizona. However, vinyl is prone to scratches.

Avoid Heat-Absorbing Materials

It is a common misconception that concrete is a cool floor, but the fact of the matter is that it absorbs heat and lets it out very slowly. Concrete is, in fact, the most inappropriate choice for warm weather because of its this property, also known as the thermal mass property.

Carpet floors are another common choice of flooring in Arizona, but not an appropriate one. Once again, this is because carpets absorb heat and keep the house warm despite there being consistent air conditioning.

Flooring Trends in Arizona

Wrapping Up

The top flooring design trends as per blogs in AZ are more heat-resistant and weather-bearing. The flooring choice that you make for your home in Phoenix needs to be in line with the weather because it can otherwise become very difficult to sustain oneself.