How to Keep your Flooring Clean when you have Pets

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Getting a dog is as good as having a baby. With a pet, you bring in a lot of responsibilities and changes for yourself. No matter how much comfort you build around for your dog to enjoy, it will have most of its time on the floor walking, running, and playing on it or sniffing or licking it. Therefore it is necessary to consider them along with climate and aesthetics while choosing a floor. For regions like Tempe, Arizona, where the climate goes dry and cool, consider the best flooring for Arizona climate to combine your dog’s needs with it.

Inducting the floor that establishes comfort can be found at Arizona best flooring blogs helping lead a healthy and happy life. It is also essential to maintain cleanliness as dogs tend to shed their coat, bring in a lot of dirt and get into some dirty accidents on the same floor they enjoy lying, sniffing, and licking.

Choosing a suitable and pet-friendly floor cleaner also becomes a significant task because some contents of commercially used floor cleaners create a danger to the skin and paws of dogs. Also, licking some ingredients from floor cleaners can make your dog seriously ill.

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Five Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Pet-Friendly Floors

1. Use Quality Floor Cleaning Supplies

Avoid using floor cleaners containing commercially used ingredients like bleach, ammonia, phenols, etc., which affect your dog’s coat, causing irritation and scratching and the skin of paws causing redness or swelling. 

While selecting a floor, you can look for the floor cleaner suggestions suitable for both floor and dogs at Arizona flooring stores in Tempe.

2. Brushing your Pet

Most dogs shed a considerable amount of coat, leaving hair all over the floor and flying in the air. You can keep the amount of shedding in check by regularly brushing your pet. It will be more beneficial if you groom your dog outside the house to keep the hair flying into the house.

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3. Cleaning after Outdoor Sessions or Walks

During outdoor sessions or the walks, dogs wander into a wet mess or the dirt, bringing it inside with them. Hence cleaning them thoroughly at the entrance porch or yard makes it easy to keep the inside floor clean.

4. Create a Den for your Pet

To minimize the spread of dirt or hair all over the house, you can create a den for your pet, restricting its wandering into the house to limited space or room, cleaning it at least once a week.

While installing the floor, the best flooring company in Tempe, Arizona, can help fix barriers and insulate a different floor for dogs.

5. Clean up Accidents Quickly

Dogs can get into dirty accidents inside, making the floor unhealthy and wandering into the mess, getting it all over the space. It is essential to clean the mess before they get their paws or coat covered with it.