5 Flooring Options for Wet Areas: Best to Worst

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Certain flooring materials are vulnerable to several detrimental impacts when exposed to excessive moisture, making them a poor choice for rooms in the house that are frequently damp. The finest flooring solutions following the flooring trends in Arizona for wet floors are discussed in this blog post.

Organic vs Inorganic Materials

Floorings made of inorganic materials will typically be preferable to flooring made of organic materials. However, when used to describe flooring materials, the term organic typically refers to plant-based materials, such as solid hardwood, engineered wood, or bamboo, which is grass. Organic materials will immediately start to deteriorate when exposed to dampness, and they can swiftly turn into a host for various molds and bacteria. On the other hand, most inorganic materials are formed from artificially refined compounds and are mainly resistant to the effects of moisture.

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Good Flooring Coverings for Damp/Wet Locations

All of the following floorings offer exceptional defense against moisture.

Porcelain Tile: A ceramic tile called porcelain is frequently used in showers, bathtubs, swimming pools, and other spaces with pure water.

Vinyl Tile: The resilient flooring materials in this article, including the vinyl tile, are all completely waterproof.

Concrete: Concrete that has been sealed properly is quite water-resistant.  

5 Best Flooring Options for Wet Areas

Especially in bathrooms and kitchens, leaks, floods, spills, and splashes are unavoidable. For the floors in places that frequently get wet, you should go for waterproof or water-resistant materials. Five of the best flooring options for wet areas, following the flooring design trends, are discussed below.

Tile: Tile is one of the most durable options and one of the best choices for moist environments, particularly bathrooms and kitchens. It is also both appealing and adaptable.

Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile comes in various colors, sizes, and patterns and is completely waterproof. Because they offer a more stable surface, textured tiles are perfect for moist regions. A remarkably resilient type of ceramic tile known as porcelain prevents moisture infiltration and mimics the appearance and feel of genuine stone.

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Vinyl: Completely waterproof Vinyl is a low-cost and low-maintenance flooring option. If the subfloors are smooth, this synthetic material lays over most of them.

Sheet Vinyl: Sheet vinyl is best for moist regions since it has the fewest seams that allow moisture to pass through. It is more challenging to install than vinyl plank or tile because it is cut to length and comes in larger pieces.

Luxury Vinyl: Luxury vinyl flooring planks and tiles can very easily simulate the appearance of wood or stone and are reasonably simple to install. LVF planks have fewer seams than vinyl tile, making them more water-resistant.


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